Hello everyone

Welcome to Yoga at the Mill  a small studio in an historic building on Whiting Street Winsted Ct. once you enter the studio you feel relaxed and at ease with all that is around you. Everyone is treated equally with no competition . I pride myself in knowing that your peace of mind and body is the most important part of the practice . My journey into Yoga started a very long time ago when the practice was not what it is today . Frankly I preferred when there was less of us and more a healing practice rather than a business made out of competition but that is my own opinion and how I was trained. I hold many certifications and still find something to learn everyday to bring to the mat.

come and join us for a class and be greeted with love and kindness. NAMASTE



One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Definitivamente que acreditar que você afirmou .
    Seu favorito justificação parecia ser sobre
    o web o mais simples coisa a estar ciente de. Eu digo
    a você, eu certamente obter irritado enquanto pessoas considere preocupa que eles
    só não que sabem. Você conseguiu bater o prego em cima do topo e definido para
    fora a coisa toda sem ter efeito colateral , pessoas poderia tomar um sinal.
    Será provavelmente volta para buscar mais.


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